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Editions Mego add another sub-label: Sensate Focus

Editions Mego have added a further sub label, Sensate Focus, to their roster. The first release from the label is mysteriously titled Sensate Focus 10, and although there's little in the way of solid information on who Sensate Focus is, Mego head Peter Rehberg says "maybe" it's Mark Fell.

Rehberg describes the label as being for "music that could be played in nightclubs containing nice keyboard sounds and slightly unusual beats", and that Mego "liked the keyboard sounds from early House music, but had got bored of the rhythms. We did not want to throw the baby away with the bathwater, so decided to keep some things. So we kept the water and threw the baby away."

A Sensate Focus pencil will be included with each release on the label. The first release, Sensate Focus 10, is on sale 17 April and can be preordered here.