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Nocturnal Projections’ Graeme Jefferies pens his memoirs

New Zealand's DIY singer-songwriter looks back at his 30 year career in Time Flowing Backwards

Canadian publisher Mosaic Press has just published New Zealand singer-songwriter Graeme Jefferies’s memoirs Time Flowing Backwards. Jefferies started his musical career in the 1980s, and his book recalls more than three decades of his work, from the time he spent in Nocturnal Projections, the post-punk outfit he formed with his brother Peter Jefferies, through to This Kind Of Punishment, whose music was released by labels such as Flying Nun, The Cakekitchen and other collaborative and solo works.

Time Flowing Backwards : A Memoir is out now. Listen to Graeme Jefferies’s “If The Moon Dies” from Messages From The Cakekitchen, a precursor to the Cakekitchen project.