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Nigel Kneale one dayer in New York: A Cathode Ray Seance

Writer Sukhdev Sandhu is curating a one day event in New York on Quatermass author Nigel Kneale, titled A Cathode Ray Seance. Speaking at the event will be Dave Tompkins (author of How To Wreck A Nice Beach), Strange Attractor founder Mark Pilkington and artist Rose Kallal, among others. A book will also be published with essays from Tompkins, Pilkington, Ken Hollings, Evan Calder Williams, Mark Fisher, Will Fowler, China Mieville, Joanna Ruocco and others.  

The day will include screenings of Quatermass And The Pit, Murrain, The Stone Tape, a panel discussion, plus performance of The Road, a deleted Nigel Kneale TV play. The conference takes place at New York's Michelson Theater, 17 November, midday–9pm, and it's free. More details (including a full schedule) on the Strange Attractor site here.