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Walter Marchetti dies of a heart attack

John Cage and Fluxus inspired Italian composer died last week

Composer Walter Marchetti died of a heart attack last week. Marchetti called his work “the arsehole of Western music”, and rejected traditional Western composition, calling it “an acoustic desert”. Inspired by David Tudor and John Cage he formed the Fluxus-like collective ZAJ in Madrid in 1964, with Juan Hildago and Jose Luis Castillejo. The group officially ceased activity in the 90s, although they had wound down long before. Marchetti composed, performed and built installations, including a grand piano made from 3000 toilet rolls (Chamber Music No 211), and another encased in bricks (Chamber Music No 18) and used field recordings such as toilets flushing and pigs squealing in his compositions.

A funeral was held in Milan last weekend.


It would be good to see a proper piece on Walter Marchetti. I've been waiting for this a long time.

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