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Bizarre Rituals release trailer for Enter The Fug mixtape

Bizarre Rituals release trailer for Brain Rays & Stoogie Houzer’s Enter The Fug mixtape

Devon based label and party collective Bizarre Rituals, whose recent releases include hiphop duo Baconheads’ Cabin Fever LP and Brain Rays’ debut EP Music For Abandoned Beach Parties, have released a horror/sci-fi inspired trailer for their upcoming Enter The Fug mixtape by Brain Rays & Stoogie Houzer. The video was shot on location in Devon.

Speaking to The Wire, Bizarre Rituals co-founder Ben Hudson explains, “The concept of the mixtape was really an attempt to recreate epiphanal and disorientating experiences while listening to music in hotboxed cars. The video was a lot of fun to make on the Devon lanes. Glad we didn't get pulled by the police. We had one person shooting out of the boot of a car while me and Stoogie Houzer drove along behind with pretty poor visibility and fake registration plates.”

Hudson elaborates on the mixtape’s “stoner concept – not just something that is supposed to accompany or compliment the experience of being stoned, but rather something that is supposed to chart the psychological journey of a mind altering experience. Not to glamorise it either but to take the listener through the highs and lows, the confidence and confusion and to feel that by the end you are truly emerging and returning back to a reality of sorts. You should enjoy the mixtape but you should also feel somewhat relieved to reach the conclusion.”

The “mythology” behind the release draws on a number of sources that will no doubt be familiar to stoners everywhere: “The visual aspect and John Carpenter inspired imagery and characters have become really key to the mixtape,” says Hudson. “The idea that it's no longer just a selection of tracks, but there are clues to an otherworldly storyline being presented to the listener.

"It’s a mixtape/compilation in some of the most fundamental ways. Because it shifts between genres and tempos, and features interludes and abstract skits, I feel like it's definitely harking back to some of our early musical influences – compilations on cassette, put together by your weirdo mate, or something you picked out of a record store bin for 99p that has no notes or info on it. I guess we wanted it to feel both properly original but also nostalgic.”

Enter The Fug is released by Bizarre Rituals on 9 November