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Alan Vega dies at the age of 78

Suicide vocalist passes away in his sleep, says family statement

Alan Vega died over the weekend at the age of 78. He passed away in his sleep, according to a family statement posted on Henry Rollins’s website.

The Suicide co-founder had spent recent years more closely engaged with art than music, following a stroke in 2012. His light sculptures, a medium he’d explored since before the days of Suicide, have been exhibited extensively over the last decade. They formed a significant part of a major retrospective of Vega’s artwork mounted in Lyon in 2009.

2009 also saw a set of recordings released to celebrate Vega’s 70th birthday, with numerous artists covering his songs, most notably Bruce Springsteen taking on Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream”. Vega’s last album was Sniper, a collaboration with Marc Hurtado back in 2010.

Suicide and Vega were interviewed numerous times by The Wire over the years, including an Invisible Jukebox with Edwin Pouncey in 1998 where Vega claimed he had an axe thrown at him when Suicide opened for The Clash in Glasgow. Vega also contributed an Inner Sleeve piece in 2007, where he wrote a freeform poem in praise of the cover of 7th Day Theory by Makaveli The Don Killuminati aka Tupac Shakur.