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The Lappetites: Fathers

"4 women, 3 fathers, 7 laptops, 3 screens, 8 speakers, 1 choir, 3 (male) opera singers..."

The Lappetites, a collective formed in 2001 after a performance at NYCs now homeless Tonic club and currently comprised of Antye Greie (aka AGF) Blanca Regina Perez-Bustamante, Kaffe Matthews and Ryoko Akama, are set to perform their new collaboration, Fathers, at Berlin's HKW in November. The work, which utilises multichannel audio, three screens, a choir and opera singers, comes from the artists research into their fathers lives; intertwining the experiences of an English farmer, a Korean businessman living in Japan and a former officer in the East German Army to form a multimedia narrative. Berlin HKW, 25 November 2009.