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Robert Whitman: Passport

Video artist Robert Whitman is performing Passport, a non narrative imagistic theatre piece, which uses video, sound, and props created by the artist. It will be performed in two places simultaneously: outside on the banks of the Hudson River near Dia:Beacon, and indoors at the Alexander Kasser Theater at Montclair State University in New Jersey. While the performance is in full swing, each site will receive visual transmissions from the other.

Whitman has been working in video and theatre performance art since the 60s, and has exhibited in New York's Hansa, Reuben, and Martha Jackson galleries. On his first visit to the UK in 2002 he produced Cellphone Performance in Leeds, which used 30 volunteers with cellphones at different locations throughout the city calling into a central line, which was then mixed and broadcast to an audience through public address speakers. Riverfront Park, New York near Dia:Beacon; Alexander Kasser Theater, New Jersey, 16 & 17 April. More info on the show here, and background on Whitman is here.