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The Wire book shop best sellers list

See a chart of the best selling titles in our online shop

Here are the current top 10 best selling books in our online shop. Click on the links to read more about each title. Don’t forget: subscribers to the magazine get automatic discounts on all the books and other merchandise in the shop.

1. David Toop, Flutter Echo

2. Teruto Soejima, Free Jazz In Japan

3. Tony Herrington (ed), Invisible Jukebox

4. Fermont & della Faile, Not Your World Music

5. Rob Young (ed), No Regrets

6. Lane & Carlyle, In The Field

7. Emma Warren, Make Some Space

8. Damo Suzuki & Paul Woods, I Am Damo Suzuki

9. Adrian Whittaker, Fitting Pieces To The Jigsaw

10. The Ex (eds), Getachew Mekuria