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Bang The Bore: Call For Media And Artefacts

Bang The Bore are looking for all manner of artefacts: photographs, quotes, articles, video, audio, and more, to fill the Southampton’s Hansard Gallery for their next event. The show will accompany an exhibition of photographs taken inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone by Jane and Louise Wilson.

Bang The Bore are looking for submissions about “nuclear energy specifically, but in the context of its place in the wider energy supply industry, its environmental and societal impact and humanity's ceaseless and increasing demand for more power.”

Seth Cooke from Bang The Bore says: “The Hansard Gallery have only just finalised the agreement to let us stage our performance there, so we've got a third of the usual time to stage an even that's at least three times more ambitious than anything we've attempted in the past.” Fore more info on submissions and getting involved head here. Southampton Hansard Gallery, 3 August.