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Live Arts Week VIII kicks off in April

The festival happens over two weekends in Bologna

Now in its eighth edition, this year’s Live Arts Week will take place between 4–7 and 11–13 April at various venues across the city of Bologna. The event will revolve around the presence and perceptual experience of bodies, movements, sounds and visions, say the organisers.

“Live Arts Week gives space to 'existential athletics’,” they continue. “It does not put art before the artists, but exposes to forms of sensitivity and ideas, welcomes hybrid and polyglot works, hosts creative singularity, weaving a sort of counter design of use.”

The Live Arts Week line-up includes Marcelo Evelin, Simon Vincenzi, Michele Rizzo, Billy Bultheel, Stine Janvin, Catherine Christer Hennix, Ellen Arkbro & Markus Pal, Doro Bengala, Barokthegreat, Sorour Darabi and Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio & friends. More information can be found on their website.