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Volcano The Bear releasing retrospective box set

Volcano The Bear five LP set to be released marking two decades in operation

To mark their 20th anniversary, Volcano The Bear have compiled a box set collecting rarities, unreleased material, live recordings and tracks from early cassette-only releases. Containing 64 tracks running over four hours, the five LP set, titled Commencing, will be bundled with a 50 page book collecting stories and artwork from the group’s history.

In the two decades since they formed in Leicester, UK, in the mid-1990s, Volcano The Bear have acquired a global underground following for their buzzing surrealist songs, sleeve art and theatrical presentations. Their members have included Aaron Moore, Nick Mott, Clarence Manuelo and Daniel Padden – Mott left the group and formed Spectral Armies with Ben Jones and Sarah Sullivan of Jazzfinger.

Work on the box set has been in progress for more than two years. It’s now scheduled to be released in late October/early November by Miasmah. More details incoming here.