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Robert Wyatt cover art by Alfreda Benge printed in editions of 100

Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom and Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard both used artwork by Wyatt's collaborator and partner Alfreda Benge, as well as all his other albums back to 1974 with the exception of Shipbuilding. The two artworks have been printed in editions of 100 and signed by Alfie, and are being sold online via Hypergallery.

Of the paintings, Benge told Wyatt biographer Marcus O'Dair: "I don’t think any of them are wonderful, but I think they work." She also illustrated a series of children's books with Ivor Cutler, and contributed sleeve artwork for a number of other musicians including Annette Peacock and Fred Frith.


I would like to have a contact email address for Alfreda Benge. I have a project I wish to discuss with her regarding her graphic art.

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