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Japanese label PSF enters deal with Black Editions

New deal between PSF and Black Editions brings lost classics back into print

Tokyo’s PSF Records, the label responsible for key Japanese underground releases by Nanjo’s original psychedelic speed freaks High Rise, Keiji Haino and Fushitsusha, White Heaven, free jazz saxophonist Kaoru Abe and more, has made a deal with the new US imprint Black Editions that will bring several “lost classics” back into circulation.

From its Los Angeles base, Black Editions states that it acquired the rights to the PSF catalogue in 2014, and its first run of releases will include Fushitsusha’s 2nd Live, High Rise’s High Rise II, the Tokyo Flashback compilation, and Che-Shizu’s A Journey. Plus, “through a special arrangement with the artist”, Keiji Haino’s solo debut album Watashi-Dake?, originally released in 1981 by the Pinakotheca label and reissued by PSF in 1993. Each record will be remastered from the best available source, and some of them will be pressed on vinyl for the first time.

“The albums of the PSF catalogue have achieved a legendary status,” continues Black Editions’ news announcement. “Ranging from psychedelic rock, folk and punk to jazz, free improvisation and the avant garde, the PSF catalogue has been defiantly eclectic and uncompromising.

“As the label founder Hideo Ikeezumi told us: ‘I only wanted to release music on PSF that refused to limit itself to genres, that had zero commercialism, that possessed kokoro (heart), and that had a feeling of freedom. In that sense, I was heavily influenced by Masayuki Takayanagi. I was very much affected by something he said when I was 19 – that an artist should put their life on the line in order to express themselves’.”

The full list of titles in the Black Editions catalogue can be found here.

PSF, meanwhile, is still championing different kinds of Japanese music, releasing guitarist Hideaki Kondo’s second album and saxophonist Makoto Kawashima’s Homer Sacer, both in 2015.


Is this vinyl only? The label statement isn't entirely clear on that.

This is such unbelievably good news. Dying for a copy of White Heaven's "Out" on vinyl for less than $200!

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