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Confront Recordings special on Adventures In Sound And Music 21 July

Mark Wastell’s improvisation label under the spotlight as it celebrates its 20th anniversary

Adventures In Sound And Music on Thursday 21 July confronts Confront Recordings, Mark Wastell’s pioneering non-idiomatic improvisation label which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The label started in the mid-1990s around the time Wastell was playing on the London improv scene with the trio ist and subsequently the Chris Burn Ensemble. In 2005 Wastell and associated players such as Phil Durrant, Angharad and Rhodri Davies became the subject of a Wire piece entitled The Other Side Of Silence, which discussed the fertile microscene then developing around Wastell’s Sound 323 record store in North London and the regular gigs held in its basement.

Confront Recordings went on hiatus in the earl 2010s but has emerged again in the last two years with new and archive recordings from ist, his longrunning trio The Sealed Knot, and Derek Bailey with Simon H Fell.

Wastell will join Derek Walmsley in the studio to discuss UK improvisation past and present, the 20th anniversary of The Sealed Knot, different flavours of silence, and reductionism and what came next. With new music from Akode and Zachary James Watkins, alongside early tracks from Wastell’s archive including The Sealed Knot with Peter Kowald’s Global Village from Hannover, and recordings with players such as Keith Rowe, Derek Bailey and Toshi Nakamura. It all takes place on Thursday 21 July at 21:00 on Resonance FM.