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Brian Eno releases Scape: new generative music iPad app

Brian Eno has released a new generative music app with Peter Chilvers (who also worked with Eno on Bloom, Air and Trope), titled Scape. This time around it's for the iPad, and uses rule governed shapes, colours and background patterns as simple compositional tools (eg. one shape will only play when everything else is silent). The various shapes also react to one another, so that different elements don't sound the same in every composition. It was released this week, and is for iPad only.

Eno also releases a new solo album on Warp in November, titled Lux. It's a continuation of his Music For Thinking project, and will be released on 12 November on CD and digital, and on LP on 10 December. More details on the album here.

[Hat tip: Gizmodo]