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This year Field Studies pays tribute to Pauline Oliveros

The Leeds based October event will pay special attention to the act of listening

Field Studies 2017 is called Listening After Pauline Oliveros in honour of the late composer. From 12–15 October, the Leeds event will feature a series of workshops and discussions exploring modes of listening, with a focus on the “relation of listening and attunement to perceptions of change and transformation”. Participating musicians, artists, curators and scholars include IONE, Don Ihde, Joseph Kohlmaier, Esther Venrooij, Sharon Stewart, Amy Beeston, Alan Dunn, Volkmar Klien, Ed McKeon, Scott McLaughlin, Claudia Molitor, Daniel Weintraub and others.

The programme will be structured along two strands. The first, Field Studies, will feature practice-led masterclasses of 15–20 participants culminating in performances and presentations on Sunday 15 October; the second, Open Programme, will combine talks, panel discussion and academic papers with performances, exhibition visits and screenings.

Passes are available for the full workshop and symposium programme, in addition to one and two day tickets. A ten per cent early bird discount is on offer until 12 September.