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Anthony Braxton Four Day Festival, Plus Four CD Opera Set

Roulette's new Brooklyn venue, 509 Atlantic Avenue, is hosting a festival of work by Anthony Braxton, who will be playing in various ensembles at the Energies, Ideas, Intuitions four-dayer, 5–8 October. The festival will see Braxton performing as part of the Tri-Centric Orchestra, and in the 12+3tet (playing Echo Echo Mirror House). He will also perform Diamond Curtain Wall Trio with Mary Halvorson and Taylor Ho Bynum, and conduct Trillium J (Acts I & III). Also scheduled is the world premiere of Pine Top Arial Music, plus Composition 30, and Syntactical Ghost Trance Music Choir.

Alongside Energies, Ideas, Intuitions, Braxton's New Braxton House label will release the first ever studio recording of the Trillium E opera as a 4CD set, with a booklet that includes libretto, photos and essays. The four acts of Trillium E look at a genie in a bottle, the invention of human cloning, interplanetary space travel, and the exploration of a jungle pyramid.

As an introduction to Braxton's work, the Tri-Centric Foundation will be releasing a sampler before the festival on 15 September here.