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Open call for sound samples

Philosophy and art magazine Shoppinghour and performing arts organisation Human Fiction Tartini have an open call out for sound samples. They're looking for sound recordings or interpretations of humming (melodic or not), the sound of an imaginary organ, or a response to the following riddle

Random, shifting, but recognisable.
What constitutes it is invisible to our eyes.
Intangible, incomplete yet indiscriminately casts a shadow.
Guaranteed to witness all and be witnessed by all.
It is applicable yet unknowable.
A common mismeasure.
What is it?

The sounds will then be passed to a number of artists and composers to be used as primary sources. The results will be released by Shoppinghour Magazine and there'll be a listening session too (note, there is no payment offered). Deadline for submissions is 1 June, and maximum length is 16 minutes, sent to Please include your full name and details of what the recording is/where it was made with submissions.