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Rephlex and Clone announce Colundi tour

The Rephlex and Clone labels tour the Low Countries with the Colundi sequence.

The Rephlex and Clone labels will join forces on a tour of the Low Countries next month which will be themed around the esoteric ideas of the Colundi sequence, a custom musical scale cooked up by musician Aleksi Perälä and Rephlex’s Grant Wilson-Claridge. The tour, titled colundi everyOne, will touch down in four cities – or, as they like to call them, planetary vectors – beginning in Rotterdam on 22 October, moving through Antwerp and Amsterdam and ending in Nijmegen on 25 October. The dates were supposedly chosen to mark traditional celebrations, festivals or celestial events occurring at the same time, including the Ancient Greek festival Thesmophoria and the annual Taurid meteor show.

A central part of the live section of the bill is Perälä himself, who was the first to tinker with the Colundi scale, which dispenses with a conventional musical keyboard in favour of exploring microtones and extrapolations upon equal temperament. He'll be playing alongside Wisp, Dave Monolith, Soundmurderer aka Osborne, Krzysztof Oktalski and D'Arcangelo. DJ sets are promised by Maf*pHew, Serge of Clone plus DJ Rephlex Records. The tour follows an ambitious (and ultimately unsuccessful) Colundi Kickstarter to collectively purchase a piece of land in the UK for Colundi events, a "natural sanctuary for everyOne", that they referred to as "colundi sequence level 9".

Details on the tour can be found at the event’s Facebook page, with more information on Colundi miscellanea to be found at You can read more on the weird world of the Colundi sequence in The Wire 362.


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