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Anthology Editions launches book publishing arm

The record label’s new publishing venture promises to deliver “kitschy, high quality coffee table books”

The Brooklyn based reissue label Anthology Recordings has launched a book publishing arm, Anthology Editions. Its founders promise “kitschy, high quality coffee table books that cover everything from 50s sci-fi occult culture, dystopian backyard pool photos to famed skater Tino Razo, photos of the Bronx in the 70s, and more”. The publishing arm will be run by Anthology co-founder and Boo-Hooray gallery curator and record collector Johan Kugelberg and Anthology/Mexican Summer co-founder Andrés Santo Domingo.

“We’d like to see how the countdown to cultural oblivion is reversed here,” declares Kugelberg. “The 20th century is so chaotic and complex, and with the advent of the internet as a premiere focus for cultural consumption, I think one desperately needs not only curators, but also gatekeepers. Our audience has an event horizon of fascination and open minds in their cultural reach.”

The edition’s first three titles are a UFO pulp fiction cover art collection Flying Saucers Are Real! featuring a commentary by Jack Womack, an enhanced collectors’ edition of the Rizzoli publication God Save Sex Pistols, and skateboarder Tino Razo’s Party In The Back (A Brief History Of Suburban Decay).