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A quartet of Bill Drummond plays on Resonance FM

The London arts station will play host to The Cherry Blossom Quartet written by Drummond's alter ego Tenzing Scott Brown

Resonance's Bad Punk show will be taking over Resonance FM's clearspot next week for five nights. Running 20–24 March, it will present a selection of Bill Drummond plays, The Cherry Blossom Quartet, written as Bill's alter ego Tenzing Scott Brown and adapted for radio by Johny Brown.

“The plays themselves are impassioned ruminations on art and music, life and death as seen through the eyes of the playwright Tenzing Scott,” explains Brown. “The sound artists we have chosen will play off the different texts and provide interpretation, sometimes sympathetic sometimes provocative. These live soundscapes will be sometimes improv in nature, sometimes drone, loop, dream.”

With actor and cultural activist Tam Dean Burn taking the part of Bill Drummond, each night a different live soundscape will be provided by Rothko, Ghost Mind, Farmer Glitch, Psychological Strategy Board and James Stephen Finn. Plays featured will be Tenzing Scott Brown's Bill Drummond Is Dead, To The Shores Of Lake Placid, Repossessed, and Between Heaven And Helsinki, plus a fifth piece called Theatre And Me read by Richard Strange. Visual artist Inga Tillere will be documenting each night via a tumblr feed.

The Cherry Blossom Quartet will take place on Resonance FM between 20–24 March at 8pm. Bad Punk's usual weekly spot is 10pm on Friday night.