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DJ /Rupture releases Sufi Plug-ins suite

DJ /Rupture's Sufi Plug-ins have been released – a suite of seven free audio tools for Ableton. The suite includes four synthesizers programmed on North African and Arabic scales, a clapping drum machine, a drone machine, and a plug-in called Devotion, which lowers computer volume five times a day during the call to prayer.

Rupture told Peter Shapiro in The Wire 333: "There is a sense of humour in them… It sounds cheesy, but hopefully it will be inspiring to some people to think about the possibilities of music software. I also like this idea that its a drift away from something that I'm going to release. It's tools, not music you consume. If anything comes out of it, it's you using and interacting with it."

The interface for the plug-ins is written in Berber text (a typographic cross between Korean and Aramaic), and DJ /Rupture says he'll be taking requests for more plug-ins from those he's teaching in Cairo. Ableton Live users with Max For Live can download Sufi Plug-Ins here. Read Rupture's blog post on the plug-ins, and watch a video introducing Devotion below.