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Dimitri Hegemann's plans for new Detroit nightclub gets underway

The new development at Detroit’s Packard Plant will feature an onsite nightclub

Development of the old Packard Plant in Detroit, a project discussed by Berlin Tresor club founder Dimitri Hegemann in his Epiphanies column (The Wire 386), is now underway, Resident Advisor reports. Fernando Palazuelo aims to turn the former factory, a famous historical site of the old car manufacturing industry in the Midwest, into a $350 million renovation project that will contain housing, retail and art spaces. Hegemann has been involved in plans to include a new nightclub on the site. In his Epiphanies column, he declared, “This is my message to all the mayors of the world: give young people space and let them develop their projects! Don’t stop them with senseless rules and regulations such as a curfew. Brighten up the streets at night, keep the city busy and crime rates will decrease.”