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Music network OUTLANDS launched in the UK

Matana Roberts and Kelly Jayne Jones collaboration kicks off the series

A national experimental music touring network has been launched in the UK. Called OUTLANDS, it will nurture interdisciplinary music through the support of the musicians and organisations that promote them, while encouraging diversity and building local audiences. In the forthcoming year they plan to commission and tour three new productions. A new live collaboration between Matana Roberts and UK sound artist/improvisor Kelly Jayne Jones kicks off the series with a run of May dates in the UK. Partners include De La Warr Pavilion (Bexhill on Sea), Capsule (Birmingham), Fuse (Bradford), Qu Junktions and the independent producer Al Cameron (Bristol), Cambridge Junction, Fat Out (Manchester), MK Gallery (Milton Keynes) and Peninsula Arts and Karst (Plymouth).

“All over the country artists and DIY operations are doing amazing and fresh new things around music and live performance,” says Caleb Madden of De La Warr Pavilion. “As economic constraints tighten, these activities are less and less likely to obtain the support they need to develop. I am excited to be part of a network that has the longterm ability to support this work, from the artists right through to the venues and their audiences...

“OUTLANDS offers a unique opportunity to respond to and develop this demand at a strategic level,” continues Madden, “providing risk-taking programmes (through experimental art forms, interesting contexts and community involvement) in Bristol and the wider region, sustaining and generating new audiences through high quality production, attractive artists and national marketing support.”

More information can be found on the OUTLANDS website.