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Con-Mythology 2015: festival dedicated to Conrad Schnitzler

Sound artist and composer Ken Montgomery programmes this year's New York Con-Mythology festival celebrating the late Conrad Schnitzler

Dedicated to the German electronic musician and performance artist Conrad Schnitzler, this year's Con-Mythology festival is up and running throughout August at various venues across New York. Programmed by Ken Montgomery, co-founder of Generator Sound Art, the festival pays homage to the life and works of the former Tangerine Dream member and founder of the original Cluster line-up (when they were Kluster), who died in 2011.

Events include a photographic exhibition, running until 31 August, of Schnitzler's early days as a sculptor. After training under Joseph Beuys, Schnitzler abandoned his own artwork in a field. The photos on display are believed to be the only known images of Schnitzler’s lost sculptures.

Performances include Montgomery playing Schnitzler's Rot on multiple cassette decks at Academy Records (8 August), and an ‘octophonic’ cassette concert staged by Jonas Asher, Roe Enney, Daren Ho, Daniel Neumann and Aki Onda, plus an eight speaker homage to Schnitzler by DJ Olive, at All Gold (9 August). More information can be found here.


rare videos by Conrad Schnitzler will be screened at the Spectacle Theater throughout August - see

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