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Stephen Thrower scores Peter de Rome films for the BFI

Former Coil and current Cyclobe member Stephen Thrower has contributed soundtracks to two DVD collections of gay short films. Thrower has recorded new music for Peter de Rome's short film Encounter (1971), The Fire Island Kids (1970) and Brown Study.

Thrower says: "The invitation to record music for the Peter de Rome shorts came about during the production of the BFI’s release of Duffer And Moon Over The Alley. Peter told me he used a variety of copyright music pieces for the films when they were screened back in the 1970s - Miles Davis or Messiaen for instance. He basically did what Derek Jarman used to do with his short films, and played his favourite records with them. I listened to the pieces he liked for a sense of mood and instrumentation, but I did say – and Peter agreed – that to record pastiche Miles would do no one any favours!"

The films appear on two collections titled The Erotic Films Of Peter De Rome, and Encounters: Four Groundbreaking Classics Of Gay Cinema. Both are released by the BFI. More information on here and here.