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Jaap Blonk launches free sound poetry iPhone app

Dutch sound poet Jaap Blonk has released an iPhone version of his interactive sound poem the Blonk Organ. The Blonk Organ started life in 1997 as an online Flash application, which is still online here. The original sounds stay the same, although for this version (which is only available on Apple devices at present) the samples can be looped, sequenced and layered.

The app is free and available in the Apple app store here.

UPDATE (11 April): The app has been removed due to issues brought by the original designer of the Blonk Organ. Japp Blonk says: "It's incredible and very regrettable: after having received updates about the progress of the project (porting the Flash version of the Blonk Organ to the iOS platform) for almost six months, the original designer made a sudden U-turn when the app was ready and available, and didn't want to approve it. Also, he did not wish to cooperate in making a revised version that could be issued any time soon.

"The iOS programmer Chris de Chiara and I are now planning to collaborate on a brand new app. I hope to have news about this soon."