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Raster-Noton company to split in two

The partnership between Raster-Music and Noton will cease to exist as the label is restructured this month

Following recent 20th anniversary celebrations including last year's White Circle installation and the publication of visual catalogue-cum-compilation Source Book 1, the Raster-Noton label is set to be rebranded. Olaf Bender will run Raster-Media, with labels Raster-Music, Raster-Index and Raster-Archive continuing the catalog of Raster-Music/Raster-Noton, while Noton will be administrated by Carsten Nicolai, representing all past and future projects of Alva Noto. The name Raster-Noton will persist for the sole purpose of collaborative projects and activities.

“The idea to restructure Raster-Noton has been in the air for some time already,” explain the pair. “We absolutely wanted to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2016 together without changing anything and tried to conclude this process, which means the years between 1999 and 2016, with the publication of our Raster-Noton: Source Book 1.

“Now in 2017, we want to go separate ways,” they continue, confirming, “we think that in the end, this reorganisation is to our mutual benefit as it has become harder and harder in recent years to meet and actually work together, not just because we are based in different cities now, but also because of our busy schedules, which made it all very complex. In this sense, we think it's more efficient for both of us to continue as separately.”

This September will see the 10th anniversary of the Raster-Noton's festival Electric Campfire which will take place at Villa Massimo Rome, Italy. White Circle will also be presented that month at the Ruhrtriennale in Duisburg, Germany.