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Seismic Ooze surveys the work of Mika Taanila

Major London retrospective also includes unheard works from Mika Vainio and Erkki Kurenniemi, as well a special Taanila performance with Charles Hayward and Jussi Lehtisalo

A celebration of the work of Finnish film maker and musician Mika Taanila will be spilling out all over London from 16–22 October. Curated by Stanley Schtinter, Seismic Ooze is an extensive survey of the themes that have obsessed Taanila over the years, ranging from scientific advancement and nuclear power to failed utopias.

On 19 October, the ICA presents Nuclear Renaissance, featuring the UK premiere of Return Of The Atom, when Taanila will also be in conversation with Ele Carpenter, an expert in nuclear aesthetics. Heading east the following day Cafe Oto and NTS hosts the debut performance of a trio featuring Jussi Lehtisalo of Circle, Charles Hayward and Taanila, supported by ex-Wire member Bruce Gilbert. Recordings, in memory of Taanila's friend and collaborator, the late Mika Vainio. Elsewhere in East London, Whitechapel Gallery has lined up a showcase of short films by Taanila on 21 October, and from 20–22 October Close-Up Film Centre will run playbacks of unheard music by Mika Vainio and Erkki Kurenniemi in a pitch-black auditorium. Also on 22 October, Taanila will be in conversation with LUX Deputy Director Maria Palacios Cruz, along with film screenings of works by Pasi ‘Sleeping’ Myllymäki, Erkki Kurenniemi and Eino Ruutsalo. Taanila’s My Silence installation will be on show in the foyer of Leman Locke (16–22 October), and as a warm up to the weekend, Central Saint Martins will present a selection of films at Futuro House, plus Douglas Murphy, Maria Lisogorskaya (of Assemble), Louis Benassi, and the event's curator Stanley Schtinter in conversation.

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