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Final releases on the way from Peter Christopherson's Soisong project

Ivan Pavlov, half of the Soisong collaboration with the late Peter Christopherson, is planning to release the pair's final two projects this year. Next month Pavlov will release a double EP of sketches made by himself and Christopherson working apart, and the final Soisong album is scheduled for 20 December 2012.

Pavlov has also started a YouTube channel, depositing footage filmed and music recorded with Christopherson.

2012 was always going to be the group's final year of activity, tied to the project's name ('song' means 'two' in Thai). "My decision to start the channel is part of this final phase of activity," says Pavlov. "It comes out of certain necessity I feel, to share what we have in our archives and to celebrate the year, also trying to fulfill at least part of the promises we made when Peter was still alive. Working without him is not easy, but there isn't any other option."

Soisong also involves a virtual singer created by 3D animator Han Li Chiou (who also helped design Soisong's octagonal CDs) plus designers Yuu Omiya, and Panu Puntoomsinchai, all of whom continue to work with Pavlov. Watch a video made by Pavlov and Christopherson from excerpts filmed in Thailand, Greece and Austria below.


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