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Live online stream of The Transmigration Of Morton F featuring Joan La Barbara

20 June will see the launch of director Sjaron Minailo and composer Anat Spiegel’s digital opera

Tonight at 8:30pm (7:30pm BST) the digital opera and concert The Transmigration Of Morton F will screen online. Directed by Sjaron Minailo and with music composed by Anat Spiegel, the internet based performance slated as a “digital opera, computer game and visual ritual in one” was inspired by science fiction writer Philip K Dick (in particular The Transmigration Of Timothy Archer), film director David Lynch and composer Morton Feldman.

The opera has composer Joan La Barbara play the lead role as herself. During a trip to Holland she finds herself in pursuit of an anonymous person she believes to be the reincarnation of Feldman

“The hidden layer of La Barbara’s mind comprises in distinct scenes, filmed from her perspective,” explains the synopsis. “In each of these scenes, the mysterious figure leads La Barbara to an Amsterdam location, which is represented by a fragment from her subconscious as well as a visualisation of a short piece of music by Feldman. The compositions are Straigts Of Magellan, Chorus And Instruments 2, Vertical Thoughts 5 and Only.”

The score to the screening features Spiegel creating new compositions out of original Feldman works as an “incantation evoking Feldman's spirit”. She describes these pieces as representing “his reincarnation in modern music”.

You can stream the show via YouTube this evening.

Joan La Barbara's debut record Voice Is The Original Instrument has been reissued for the first time in its original format by The Wire contributor Jennifer Lucy Allan's label Arc Light Editions. First released in 1976 by Wizard Records, the recording features no instruments other than the voice. You can listen to an excerpt below.