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Fatima Al Qadiri shares new music video from Shaneera

Watch the premiere of the video by Sophia Al-Maria that pays homage to belly dancing with a femme and masc dance-off

Fatima Al Qadiri has released the music video for the track “Spiral” from her 2017 EP Shaneera. Made by writer and film maker Sophia Al-Maria and featuring Zadiel Sasmaz and Eli Al Sultan performing a belly dance, the video is a riff on the track's lyrics, which were taken from the 2006 comedy Ayazon, directed by Akram Fareed. As Al Qadiri explains, “The lyrics of “Spiral” featuring Bobo Secret are taken from a now legendary scene in an Egyptian comedy film called Ayazon (2006), of a joyous eruption of several individuals belly dancing in a brothel. The lyrics translate as "I'm wearing a dancing outfit and in a house of ill-repute!" The scene quickly went viral in the Arab world and became an underground queer proclamation – one of defiance, body positivity and unbridled joy. In Sophia Al-Maria's video for the song, Zadiel Sasmaz and Eli El Sultan perform a belly dance-off of femme and masc in a sensual homage to the form.”

Shaneera was released by Hyperdub in October of this year. The title of the EP comes from an English mispronunciation of the Arabic word shanee’a (شنيعة), which, as is explained via Bandcamp, means “outrageous, nefarious, hideous, major and foul”. The music video for “Spiral” was made by Sophia Al-Maria and produced by Boiler Room. You can watch it below.