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Vashti Bunyan announces her next album will be her last

Vashti Bunyan's next album will be her last. Yesterday she announced Heartleap, a ten track record due for release on FatCat on 6 October, which she is adamant will be her final release.

"When I wrote the title song "Heartleap" just four months ago," she says, "it was like all the songs I'd ever wanted to write. It was a condensed way of saying all I'd ever wanted to say. Anything more would feel like a repeat."

Following the album's release, Bunyan says she will be concentrating on writing a book, tracing her two year journey in the late 1960s with Robert Lewis through the UK by horse and cart: "For a while now I have promised myself and my children that after this album I would set about writing a book that will tell the real story of the Just Another Diamond Day journey."

Heartleap was recorded in a studio in Bunyan's home in Edinburgh, and unlike 2005's Lookaftering, which brought in a number of supporting collaborators, is largely arranged and composed by Bunyan herself, with brief appearances from Vetiver's Andy Cabic. She says she "wanted it to be more akin to my very first recordings, pre-Diamond Day... I wanted to see what I could do without using the ideas of others."

It took seven years to complete, with Bunyan recording her vocals alone, and piano parts built up from single notes and multiple one-handed takes, with album artwork a painting titled Hart's Leap by Bunyan's daughter Whyn Lewis.

Vashti Bunyan will be playing five UK tour dates in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Farndale, to mark Heartleap's release. Full details on our Listings page.