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Pete Swanson and Jed Bindeman set up new label Freedom To Spend

The record label has been designed as another arm to Matt Werth's RVNG Intl

Pete Swanson and Jed Bindeman of Portland’s Little Axe Records have started a sister label to Matt Werth’s RVNG Intl. Called Freedom To Spend, the first two releases have already been announced, with more promised for 2017.

“From a long lost CDR label of the same name Pete steered through a couple releases,” explains Werth, “Freedom To Spend was to be a resource for restoring under experienced, unavailable albums that just work from start to finish.” As a resource for restoring under-experienced, unavailable albums, Freedom To Spend hopes to contextualise them the way the artists might imagine them released for the first time today. The idea is to collapse and confuse timelines and narratives, and for that matter, responses from listeners.

The first two records scheduled are Michele Mercure’s Eye Chant and Marc Barreca’s Music Works For Industry.

You can watch a short video of Michele Mercure at work below. It was filmed by New York-based film maker Jason Evans.