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MONOM – Berlin's Centre for Spatial Sound opens next month

“The world's most advanced spatial sound system” opens in Funkhaus on 1 December

A new performance venue in Berlin called MONOM is set to open on 1 December. Containing a new spatial sound system built by 4DSOUND, the space has a capacity of 400 and features omnidirectional speakers suspended throughout the venue and subwoofers placed under transparent flooring. It’s located in Funkhaus, the old GDR broadcasting centre. The intention, claims the press release, is that the audience “do not hear sound coming from speakers: instead, sounds appear in the space as independent physical entities”. They aim to use the flexible sound system so that performers and listeners can occupy the same fluid space, and artists will be specially commissioned to create pieces exploring its possibilities and potential to integrate with other technologies.

The opening weekend will take place on 1–2 December with Croatian Amor, Helm, PYUR and Thomas Ankersmit. On 9–10 December MONOM will present an exhibition curated by 4DSOUND’s founder Paul Oomen featuring sound systems made by the company over the course of the last five years. Following that, a world premiere of an installation by longterm collaborator Max Cooper will open on 14 December, with support from Italian artist Caterina Barbieri. Tickets are available via their website.