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23 Skidoo releasing new album

First album in 15 years – the soundtrack to the 23 Skidoo member Alex Turnbull’s documentary: Beyond Time

23 Skidoo’s first album in 15 years is a soundtrack for fellow member Alex Turnbull’s documentary film Beyond Time.

Codirected by Turnbull and Pete Stern, the 2011 documentary traces the life of Alex’s sculptor father William Turnbull, accompanied by a 23 Skidoo score consisting of new music and reworkings of older material.

The group’s aesthetic, says Alex, links with that of his father’s artwork. "It turns out we had a genetic predisposition to anti-establishment practices,” he explains. “Bill [William Turnbull] was a polymath at a time when that was a dirty word, shifting between sculpture and painting and putting both in a symbiotic relationship. Now crossing boundaries is everywhere.”

Beyond Time, which includes a DVD of Turnbull’s documentary, will be released on 16 March by Les Disques du Crépuscule.