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This Heat announce three vinyl reissues

The ghost of This Heat has emerged on Twitter announcing vinyl reissues of the eclectic London rock outfit's first two albums, their self-titled debut, often referred to as 'blue and yellow', and Deceit, plus the Health And Efficiency 12".

Founded in 1976 by Charles Bullen, Charles Hayward and the late Gareth Williams, they disbanded in 1982 after Williams departed for a sojourn to India. The brief post states that the releases are being remastered by the group "with all the attention to detail that we have maintained throughout our history". More details incoming via This Heat on Twitter.

Update: Charles Bullen gets in touch with a message: "Warning ... any Vinyl LP "Re-release" copies of This Heat ('blue and yellow') or Deceit currently available are bootleg copies! We have heard reports that they are badly mastered and pressed. Please do not purchase these bootlegs!"