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Maja Ratkje releasing limited edition lathe cut

Maja Ratkje's next release will be a 10" lathe in a tape reel box, cut in an edition of 24, an art edition released to coincide with her exhibition with visual artist Kristian Skylstad at at Trafo Kunsthall in Asker, Norway. The exhibition, titled It Still Haunts Me Like A Good Nightmare, And I Try In Vain To Recover The Impression, opens on 25 October and runs until 16 November. It explores the myth of the provocative avant-garde, from the starting point of Stravinsky's self-perpetuated myth around the performance of The Rite Of Spring, with a performance by Ratkje on 25 October.

Each box is individually decorated by Skylstad and comes with a screen printed certificate. The release is cut by Lydbilde, and all sales will be handled by Trafo Kunsthall meaning there are no pre-orders via the label. Contact the gallery for more information.