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Fund a Longplayer bowl

Help fund a performance of a 1000 minute section of Jem Finer's Longplayer

A performance of a 1000 minute section of Jem Finer's thousand year long musical composition Longplayer is now in the planning stages. Based on Jem Finer’s graphic score for 234 bowls and six players, the concert is scheduled to take place at The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, London, in September 2009. In order to fund the building of this instrument and the production of the event, The Longplayer Trust is inviting donations on a bowl-by-bowl basis. When you fund a bowl, it will be engraved with a word of your choice and a premium ticket for the performance will be reserved in your name.

Longplayer has also now got a brand new website which has been redesigned as well as rewritten.

Longplayer can be heard in the lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, where it has been playing since it began in December 1999. It can also be heard at several other listening posts around the world, and globally via a live stream on the Internet. At the time of writing, the Longplayer had been playing for 8 years, 156 days, 02 hours, 28 minutes and 40 seconds...