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Lee Gamble and Éliane Radigue set to collaborate with Shiva Feshareki

This will be the first acoustic composition for the UIQ label boss and deconstructed dance music producer

Lee Gamble and Éliane Radigue have been commissoned by composer-cum-turntablist Shiva Feshareki and the Arts Council England to compose one new acoustic composition each. Gamble will create the piece working alongside the London Contemporary Orchestra while Radigue will be working with Angharad Davies and Dominic Lash. Both pieces will be written and performed in a cave somewhere in the Peak District.

The project was first announced last night on the BBC Radio 3 Late Junction with Max Reinhardt show, with guest Feshareki declaring Radigue and Gamble as two of her favourite artists, describing the latter's music as something that “transcend[s] that linear movement of time and duration”

“I haven't made music without the aid of electricity before,” says Gamble. “So I'm intrigued. Also very flattered to be asked to be part of the project alongside Éliane Radigue – I have listened to her music a lot over the years.

“Shiva approached me a few months ago and to be honest I started working on it in my head once we'd agreed to do it.” He continues, explaining his plan of action via email. “I have a day to visit the cave soon, so that will change how I think about it a lot. It'll have a very specific acoustic I imagine - I'll be making some recordings of the space - things like reverb time, psychoacoustic properties - I'll take them to the studio, try and create a kind of virtual imprint of that space to work inside. That will help inform what instrumentation I'll use, then the work can start to form from there - from the instrument(s) and their potential in space.”

Feshareki has promised a set of coaches to take audiences from London and Manchester to the cave, where they, along with a local audience, can participate in “deep and mindful listening”.

Dates are yet to be confirmed.