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(CD) Record(able) Store Day returns

Second edition of (CD) Record(able) Store Day to happen in November

By the time it happens in November, the second edition of (CD) Record(able) Store Day promises to be much bigger than last year’s inaugural event. The rapidly growing list of participating artists and labels includes the UK based Techno label Sector 12/12 and Helsinki's burn-on-demand CD-R label Erikoisdance (as featured in The Wire 376). Other participants include Helsinki’s Kumea Sound and O Samuli A's Pelle Sensibile labels; plus Scandinavian duo Mesak and their Harmönia label, Teemu Korpipää, Drvg Cvltvre, Pink Twins, Furniture Records, and Hacker Farm and Wire contributor Kek-W, from Somerset, UK.

Though it’s happening very soon, the exact purpose of the event is still sketchy. “The basic idea is to have just any kind of CD-R release on sale/given away/in circulation for one day only,” explains one of its organisers, Erikoisdance’s founder Tom Backström. “But this is just my/our approach. We haven’t really defined it or drawn any strict guidelines for what it should be. So if someone decides the event is better suited for flag-raising or walking around dressed up as a CD-R for a day, then that's just great too – for me at least!"

(CD) Record(able) Store Day will happen on 28 November, both online and at different locations all over Europe, including Finland, Germany, UK and the Netherlands.

More information coming soon at the Erikoisdance website and here.