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Another Timbre builds YouTube archive

The Sheffield based Another Timbre label is in the process of uploading samples of its entire catalogue to YouTube. The archive will include seven minute samples of all releases from the label, and will be complete by the end of March.

The purpose of the YouTube channel, as label owner Simon Reynell explains, is to create "a way in which curious people surfing can stumble across the particular kind of music that Another Timbre focuses on – repeated listens will hopefully engender a strong interest in some people in that no-man's land between contemporary improvisation and post-Cageian classical music which is the label's specialism".

Reynell also intends to offer a download service for the label in the future, offering digital versions of sold out discs, but says: "I'm still scratching my head as to how we can set up a structure whereby the musicians concerned get a little bit of money paid directly to them in these cases.

"So far the label has resisted offering downloads (except very brief MP3 tasters), but – for better or worse – the tide of change is irreversible, and I expect that within five years the label will be hosting far more online projects than CD releases… I think anyone who says that they know exactly where experimental music will be vis-a-vis recordings in five years' time would be lying. But if we don't get in there and start trying things out, we will be left behind."