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David Tudor recordings collected and released as box set

David Tudor's output from 1963 through to 1992 has been collected and is being released as a seven disc set on New World records. The box set covers Tudor's transition from pianist to composer, and further into his electronic compositions before his death in 1996.

New World's Paul Tai says: "What prompted us to consider this was the tremendous reception his pieces got when Music For Merce was released a couple of years ago. Six of those works were issued in excerpted from so we decided to issue them in complete form and build the set around them. It’s really the first comprehensive overview of his work as an electronic music composer."

The liner notes include a sizeable essay by artist and composer Matt Rogalsky, and also an essay by Gordon Mumma. Rogalsky writes: "Tudor’s identity morphed seamlessly from interpreter of mainly acoustic music to composer-performer of predominately electronic music over a period of about ten years, from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s. This set of seven CDs goes beyond any previous attempt to document that process of transformation."

The seven CD set, titled The Art Of David Tudor, covers most of Tudor's creative life, from the period 1963 to 1992, and includes performances of his own pieces, including Bandoneon!, Weatherings, Phonemes, Virtual Focus, Webwork, two versions of Rainforest IV recorded in 1980 and 1990, plus audio recorded from his installation in the Pepsi Pavilion from Expo 70 in Osaka, Neural Network Plus with Takehisa Kosugi, plus performances with John Cage, and pieces by Cage and Christian Wolff. New World releases The Art Of David Tudor in May in the US, and June in the UK. More details incoming here. More on David Tudor here.