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Whitechapel Gallery Music For Museums series

Whitechapel Gallery will host a series of events this autumn exploring the relationship between music and museums

London's Whitechapel gallery will run a series of events this autumn which aim to explore the intersection of visual art and experimental music. Starting from the premise that during the 1960s experimental music began to spread its wings beyond the more traditional spaces of concert halls, the series will look at the relationship that formed between music and the museum through a series of live performances, films and audio interventions. On Thursday and Saturday evenings the gallery will present works by avant garde composers and artists from the fluxus and minimalist generations, as well as contemporary compositions, with performances from Rhys Chatham, Mark Fell, Florian Hecker, Thurston Moore, Ryoji Ikeda, Cara Tolmie, and more. A free programme of films looking at the interaction between the moving image and music will feature works from Cory Arcangel, Sonia Boyce & Ain Bailey, Beatrice Gibson,Tony Oursler, Nam June Paik, Jayne Parker and Elizabeth Price.

Music For Museums runs from 17 September–19 November. More information can be found at the Whitechapel website.