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Source: Music of The Avant-Garde Journal Anthology Published

The University Of California Press this month publishes an anthology of avant garde music journal Source. Source: Music of The Avant-Garde, 1966-1973, is edited by founder Larry Austin and Douglas Kahn, and comprises almost 400 pages of content from all 11 issues, including an index of all articles that appeared in the journal.

Source, printed semi-annually in large format in runs of 2000 between 1966 and 1973, contained interviews, scores, essays, artwork, poetry and photos from artists and musicians including Morton Feldman, Robert Ashley, Pauline Oliveros, Harry Partch, Alvin Lucier, Steve Reich, Anthony Braxton, Nam June Paik, and others. For more info and to read the introduction by Larry Austin, head to the University Of California Press site.