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Mika Taanila’s cameraless feature film Mannerlaatta released as a box set

Premiered last year, the film (English title: Tectonic Plate) features a score by the late Mika Vainio

Film maker and founder member of Finnish teen post-punk outfit Swissair Mika Taanila has released his 2016 film Mannerlaatta on Blu-ray. The 74 minute lettrist film, which premiered last February at Berlinale Forum Expanded, is based on the fear of flying. It was made entirely without a camera.

Poet Harry Salmenniemie wrote the text for the film and the late Mika Vainio scored the 50 minute soundtrack – he had previously worked with Taanila on A Physical Ring (2002) and Return Of The Atom (2015). “Mika composed and recorded the music at quite an early stage of the two and a half year project, so it dominated much of the editing rhythm of the visual narration,” Taanila explained. “For inspiration I sent Mika two of Harry’s books, the text for this film and some samples of photocopy/photogram materials.”

The film is released as a box set named after its English title Tectonic Plate, with graphic design by Markus Pyöräla and sound design by Olli Huhtanen. It includes Finnish and English versions of the film as well as the original texts by Salmenniemi (translated by Lola Rogers). Also included are two short films, the aforementioned A Physical Ring and Optical Sound (2005), the latter of which has Taanila use the same technique applied in Mannerlaatta – that of photocopying directly on clear 35 mm film. The set also contains an illustrated booklet, plus an interview with Taanila and Salmenniemi on the making of the film, and an audio recording of film critic Olaf Möller in conversation with Mika Taanila.

Watch a trailer below:

Limited to 300 copies, the box set costs €35 and is available via Ektro Records.