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YoshimiO, Susie Ibarra and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe announce collaborative debut Flower Of Sulphur

Thrill Jockey will release a live album by the trio in February 2018

YoshimiO, Susie Ibarra and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe are set to release their debut album as a trio next year. Flower Of Sulphur is a live recording of an improvised performance which took place in New York on 9 December 2016 – the first time the three had appeared on stage at the same time.

“We had all performed in different configurations before but never as a trio,” explains Ibarra. “I think actually I have met each of YoshimiO and Robert at different times when collaborating on larger works with Tarek Atoui… I was very happy with the prospect to play a trio concert, as I could imagine the sonic palette could be very interesting, being that we each come from different aesthetic backgrounds but enjoy crossing into various sonic territories.”

Flower Of Sulphur will be released on Thrill Jockey on 23 February 2018, with artwork by Ooido Syoujou, who recently design the sleeve of YoshimiO's Saicobab release Sab Se Purani Bab. The album will be available on CD and LP with a limited opaque lavender vinyl edition.

Updated: 11 December 2017. The article originally stated that the trio are called Flower Of Sulphur. This is incorrect.