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John Butcher In Conversation With David Toop

The first of Sound And Music's series of interviews by David Toop is now available to listen to online. The series is part of Toop's exploration and research for a book on improvised music. Toop says: "I’m fascinated by the emergence of improvisation in an individual’s development, hence my focus here on the earlier stages of playing.

"Many interviews attempt to condense a whole life into a short conversation but this was an opportunity to dwell on these formative experiments. Beginning with John Butcher seemed logical. I first heard him play many years ago with John Stevens; since then he has become an extraordinary innovator on his instrument, the saxophone, as well as being thoughtful, versatile and highly active on the international scene. This interview was recorded at my home on January 17th, 2011."

Listen to the six part interview below:
David Toop Interviews John Butcher by soundandmusic