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Yorkshire-based sound network for women holds first meeting

A new music technology network for women in sound and music founded in Yorkshire

A new network has been set up in Yorkshire for women working in sound and music. Called Yorkshire Sound Women Network, it has been established as a community for women to share knowledge, skills and ideas in technology, sonic arts, production and audio electronics. It will also encourage members to explore and experiment with new technologies and equipment.

Initiated by Liz Dobson, music technology lecturer at The University Of Huddersfield, the Yorkshire network follows on from an informal knowledge exchange that she set up in Berlin in January called the EQ network. “This is to be a community of practice where learning happens through teaching and mentoring as much as it does through being mentored,” says Dobson, adding, “Women means all women. Trans women and underrepresented genders.

“My personal hope,” she continues, “is that by making a really relaxed knowledge exchange for women, we create a community that can provide a meaningful bridge for women and ultimately girls to engage with technologies unselfconsciously in their work. With the confidence this can offer I hope this helps to normalise the balance and representation of women across our music industries."

The first meeting will take place at QI Gaming on 14 July, 7pm start. More information can be found here.